Testimonials for Conflict USA

Testimonials for Conflict USA

Conflict USA has worked on a wide range of successful operations across the world, some of which have been complex, sophisticated and high profile.

Our professional standards are based on trust and confidentially.  Therefore, we have protected the identities and specific detail about those featured.  However, here are some client recomenations for our team.

A police chief congratulated Stephen for his ability to supplement the efforts of his team by utilizing investigative resources that were not readily available to most police agencies.

This included:

  • combatting organized crime by providing detailed intelligence, movement tracking and surveillance
  • using counter intelligence skills to investigate an informant who was suspected of being a double agent
  • providing detailed profiling of suspects and expert analysis of criminal activity
  • assisted local police and the U.S. Marshal Service in apprehending a fugitive who was wanted nationally

Stephen also provided specialized equipment for the police force as well as Elite Tier 1 hand-to-hand combat and firearms training.

The police chief said Stephen has been an asset to his police agency.

Stephen’s work with a counter drug task force was commended for his ability to “digest complex pieces of intelligence and present a fluid working operational outlook from them.”

This proactive ability to work out what an adversary may do next gave the force an advantage in planning and executing their operations.

The commendation also commented on Stephen’s vast working knowledge of intelligence and law enforcement integration which he used to the greatest benefit of the unit.

An executive protection expert commented on Stephen’s precision in conducting private investigations.

He said: “He possesses a relentless tenacity and an unwavering commitment to pursuing justice. I’ve seen Stephen uncover the truth in extraordinarily challenging circumstances. He is calculated, meticulous and demonstrates impressive equanimity.”

The expert added: “His fortitude and brain surgeon like precise approach to even the smallest details ensures no stone is left unturned. Every case he is involved in he fully invests all his resources in.

“Stephen’s steadfast loyalty to his colleagues and clients is both honorable and inspiring. He has excellent communication skills and informs you of his thoughts while consulting with other trusted experts in the field to entertain different opinions; an example of his maturity and humble nature. He has tremendous leadership ability and intelligence gathering skills which is an immeasurably valuable asset.”

The president of a U.S. investigations agency described Stephen as ‘a world-class investigator’ after working alongside him on a variety of cases from homicide investigations to threat analysis and security evaluations for executives of Fortune 500 companies.

He said: ”Stephen Komorek excels in his ability to digest complex pieces of information or intelligence from a crime scene or case and almost immediately produce actionable intelligence based off the facts of that case.”

“I have come to know, trust, and depend on Stephen as a Senior Operational Agent working with my agency,” he added.  “I can clearly state from my own personal professional working knowledge, that he possesses a highly unique skill set of law enforcement, intelligence and Special Operations experience.”

A retired Command Sergeant Major who served with Stephen during the Global War on Terrorism describes Stephen as ‘one of the most moral and ethically sound people I have known in my professional and personal life.’

He said of Stephen’s work fighting the war on terror: “(His) ability to leverage resources from national-level intelligence agencies directly impacted my organizations ability to disrupt, delay, and defeat threat networks on both a regional and global scale.”

The pair have kept in touch since leaving the military and he has been impressed with Stephen’s level of commitment and professionalism.  “I had the privilege of witnessing Stephen’s investigative and trainer skillsets on several occasions in the past few years, and every instance he far exceeded the expectations of the client. Stephen is a professional who is ardently committed to his craft.”