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Conflict International has a proven track record of success in gathering intelligence via surveillance. Our professional investigators have decades of experience in creating lifestyle profiles and the daily routine of a subject of investigation.

Our expansion into North America now offers you the advantage of our ability to directly follow a subject of interest from the UK to New York, Florida or anywhere else ion the U.S. and vice versa. Conflict International has specialist teams that can deploy a combination of methods depending on your specific needs.

We can track the movements of a person or determine whether you are the subject of covert surveillance yourself using our bespoke counter surveillance tactics. We also carry out GPS vehicle tracking as well as bug sweeps and detection services for both corporate and private clients.

All movements detected are documented in a comprehensive report including images and/or video as well as evidence of any third party the subject meets. Our surveillance team leader can send you operational updates, inclusive of images, direct from the surveillance throughout the day. This can then lead us to follow any interested parties the subject meets in order to identify them, as well as making our own recommendations as the operation progresses.

Once a task has been completed, you will receive a detailed surveillance report with images or video all date and time stamped. We take care to compile reports in a legally presentable format ready for use in any court proceedings.

Conflict International’s teams of surveillance investigators in New York and London are also linked with a trusted network of international agents enabling us to operate throughout most jurisdictions worldwide.

All our surveillance services and operations are always conducted in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in whichever jurisdiction is at issue.

To discuss a particular case or our services, please contact us at our New York office +1-212-710-5919 or email

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