Stephen Komorek

Operations Director, United States

Stephen is an international Private Investigator, who joined Conflict International's USA office as the U.S. Operations Director, in 2018.

Stephen, who is also a security consultant, has extensive experience in planning, recruiting and running security operations and investigations worldwide. He is licensed as a private investigator in multiple states.

A veteran of the Iraq War and the global War on Terror, and has conducted many special investigations during his career.

His special investigations have consisted of a variety of cases including Government Corruption, International Homicides, Money Laundering, Counter-Intelligence, Organized Crime, Human Trafficking, Serial Rapists, Counter-Terrorism, and K&Rs (Kidnap and Ransom).

He has experience working with many local, State, Federal and Department of Defense teams. Stephen holds over 20 certifications in various intelligence disciplines to include courses in Leadership, Advanced Deception Techniques and Combating Human Trafficking.

He is a member of the World Association of detectives, National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, National Domestic Preparedness Coalition, and the Association of British investigators.

Stephen is a senior faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement where he teaches board certified intelligence, and technical course.


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Stephen Komorek of Conflict USA