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Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Conflict International's US offices work with law firms and general counsel throughout the United States to provide timely litigation support, using reliable intelligence and analysis before and during litigation, enabling our clients to make effective strategic, tactical and legal decisions.

We assist our clients in strengthening their litigation position by helping to understand their adversary’s position, strategy and factual support, in addition to locating all facts pertinent to our clients’ cases.

Conflict International provides the following services as part of litigation support:

  • Fact-gathering and lead building
  • Identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses ahead of any litigation
  • Assessing credibility of witnesses and other sources of evidence
  • Intelligence gathering and background analysis of adversaries, hostile fact and expert witnesses
  • Gathering and analysing of documentary and electronic evidence
  • Collaborating with forensic accountants to provide comprehensive analysis for asset assessments, damage calculations and valuations
  • Expert testimony (such as audio experts, security experts, etc.)
  • Accident scene recreation and analysis
  • Computer forensics
  • Asset searches to help enforce judgments and collect debts
  • Surveillance

Examples of our investigative work include:

  • In an extremely contentious sexual harassment case, we located neutral witnesses who independently corroborated our client’s claims, as well as uncovered and documented the defendant’s attempts to suborn perjury and blackmail and intimidate both witnesses and our client’s counsel.

  • In a medical malpractice case, we tracked a supposedly injured plaintiff from the East Coast to Montana, where we determined that he had spent the summer camping, fishing, and hunting.

  • In a criminal case, we uncovered significant evidence used to mitigate the charges and reduce the sentence received by our client.

  • In a pharmaceutical intellectual property dispute, we conducted comprehensive background checks on our client’s adversaries, locating and conducting background checks on several key witnesses, providing for our client a clearer picture of the adversaries' personalities, strategies and motivations.

Conflict International's dedicated US team is licensed to operate directly in a number of US states including New York and North Carolina. We also have a network of investigators who are collectively licensed across all 50 states. This network also stretches out internationally, giving us the ability to carry out investigations almost anywhere in the world.

To discuss a particular case or our services, please contact our US head office on +1-212-710-5919 or email us here.

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