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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Conflict International specializes in obtaining in-depth due diligence intelligence and background information, enabling our clients to effectively manage risk and understand the people and entities with which they are dealing.

Conflict International's dedicated US team based in New York and North Carolina is licensed to operate directly in a number of US states. We also have a network of investigators who are collectively licensed across all 50 states. This network also stretches out internationally, giving us the ability to carry out investigations almost anywhere in the world.

We have extensive experience in assisting lawyers during mergers and aquisitions. Our Due Diligence checks also allow our clients and their clients to properly mitigate any risks involved with their investments. We are also able to help current clients with any internal needs they may have.

Our service offering includes pre-employment screening, database checks, extensive background investigations, including searching civil and criminal litigation history, personal reputation and business and political affiliations.

Recently, we were requested by a client to look into their HR Managers criminal records due to the potential of criminal matters. The client was told by his HR Manager that she had been mugged outside of a convenience store. The fact of the matter was she was the aggressor in a domestic abuse case against her husband.

You don’t know who people truly are until you do some digging. We were able to mitigate the client’s potential of any further issues with that employee or Human Resources as a whole.

Traditional due diligence is limited in the tools it brings to bear to assess those potential pitfalls. Conflict International’s professional investigators offer clients the ability to see past the “paper” of the deal to potentially damaging hidden data.  Through in-depth interviews, lead and connection development, credibility evaluations, surreptitious surveillance, accessing secreted or otherwise unavailable documents, and tapping into industry and government sources and resources, our investigators can obtain the information our clients need to efficiently and effectively manage their risks. 

We ensure compliance with a variety of legal requirements, including anti-money laundering in whichever jurisdiction we are operating.

To discuss a particular case or our services, please contact us at our US head office in New York on (212) 710-5919, or email us here.

When you have suspicions that something isn’t quite right, our experts can help you get to the truth.

To discuss how we can assist with an issue, contact us now in confidence.

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