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Asset Tracing

Asset Tracing

Conflict International's experienced investigations team in North Carolina can perform asset tracing to identify hidden assets worldwide.

Our expert forensic accountants follow complex financial trails to trace hidden assets and once identified, our investigators explore avenues to confirm ownership. We have a network of experts in most parts of the world, enabling us to overcome any jurisdictional issues often associated with asset search investigations.

Conflict International’s investigative and surveillance techniques help track assets and to whom they are registered, whether individuals, companies or corporations. We liaise with authorities and legal officials from the start of the investigation enabling us to compile a detailed report in preparation for any court proceedings.

Whether it is property, bank accounts or property owned overseas and foreign assets – we have a good track record in tracing the owner. We can also trace the source of shares, bonds, investments, trusts, funds and corporate assets.

Conflict International compiles all evidence and asset search findings within the law and fully prepared to be presentable in court. Our knowledge of global banking practices and international law gives us an advantage in tracing difficult to find assets, wherever they may be held.

Our asset tracing investigation goes through a number of phases as appropriate for the case:

Open Source Intelligence searches enable us to drill down to understand more about the subject we are investigating and also discovering which jurisdictions are likely to hold the assets we are tracing.

Further Desktop Research puts us in a position to further explore the assets identified in a particular jurisdiction with the objective of obtaining some form of documentation that links it to the subject of our enquiry. This could involve ordering documents related to offshore companies or deploying field agents in the country concerned to examine registries locally.

With the background checks fully completed, the investigation can now continue on the ground. Using experienced agents with knowledge of the local jurisdictions they are working in, we can legally conduct discreet field enquiries to gather more information as well as visiting locations where the assets may be held, whether property, boats, cars or planes, to independently photograph them and confirm ownership.

After enough evidence has been gathered to link the assets to the subject, we can then approach the person concerned to either negotiate, or if this is unsuccessful, present our evidence to legal authorities with a view to freeze assets.

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