Private security from Conflict USA

Private Security

Conflict USA has a specialist team on hand to deploy a close protection team almost anywhere in the world. This offers invaluable peace of mind for yourself or your loved ones.

We have decades of experience operating in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Using the resources of Conflict International, our services also couple discreet close protection along with surveillance to allow you to go about your business as normally as possible.

For Conflict USA, private security is much more than just hiring a bodyguard. We carefully assess your requirements and create a bespoke service, deploying highly skilled personnel who can provide an unobtrusive barrier between you and any perceived threat to your security.

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Close Protection

Deployment of covert protective surveillance.
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Fraud Investigations

Confidential corporate investigations and intelligence.
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Litigation Support

Timely reliable intelligence to strengthen your position.
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International intelligence and surveillance.
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