Body language secrets behind lie detection

Body language secrets behind lie detection

Conflict USA's Operations Director Stephen Komorek has just completed another lie detection expert certification course for the World Institute for Security Enhancement with a 100% pass rate from students on the final test.

The course has a unique focus on detecting deception accurately through body language and micro expressions using The Body Language Assessment and Scoring Technique, or BLAST for short. It also helps determine a reason behind that particular deception.

Those attending the course came from a variety of different industries, including members of special operations, private investigations and lawyers.

Stephen said: "Being able to instantly know the "what" and "why" behind the lie offers an extraordinary advantage. The graduates from last week's course will move forward to better their industries and are now certified as deception experts."

The BLAST course provides the most up-to-date techniques for detecting lies without any equipment. It includes Word Analysis (whether written or spoken orally), over 100 body language deception indicators and their reliability, as well as advanced training in facial expression analysis.

BLAST teaches you to spot the gesture (or verbage) AND tells you the reliability of that indicator. There is a big difference between 98% reliable as a deception indicator as opposed to 10% reliable.

If you or members of your organization could benefit from learning these techniques, please contact Stephen Komorek at Conflict USA to find out more on +1 212 710 5919 or email