Andrew McLaren joins Conflict family

Andrew McLaren joins Conflict family

Former marine, TV celebrity and Executive Protection expert Andrew McLaren is to be a liaison for Conflict's international protection program.

Andrew, who served with the U.S Marine Corps on anti-terrorism missions in countries including Iraq and Liberia, has already assisted Conflict USA in senior level executive protection planning. He will now be available to offer his expertise in future operations.

Andrew said: "I am honored to be part of the Conflict International family. Conflict International is the world's best private intelligence agency, their intelligence and success rate is top tier.

"I have assisted them in senior level executive protection planning for governments and billionaires. Recently they asked me to be a non-executive liaison for their international protection program."

Since leaving the military, Andrew has earned a reputation as an expert in Executive Protection and is in charge of security for several A-List stars, foreign royalty and CEO's.

He appeared on NBC's, “Stars Earn Stripes", where celebrities raised money for their chosen charity after being coached in military exercises by real-life elite servicemen and women. Andrew has also appeared on Discovery's, "Chrome Underground", and played Captain Sampson in the film, “Battle For Haditha.” He is also planning to run for the office of Mayor in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2021.

Conflict USA's Operations Director, Stephen Komorek said: "I have known Andrew for a number of years, he is an incredibly honest and honorable man. We have supported each other in missions and with clients all over the world."

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