Intelligence gathering from Conflict USA

Intelligence Gathering

The team at Conflict USA has wide range of experience in investigative services. We are a fully licensed private investigation agency and can also tap into our worldwide network of investigators who can ethically carry out enquiries within most jurisdictions around the globe.

Beyond the nuances of a contract or financial statement, Conflict USA’s investigative services bring value to our clients by providing access to vital, non-public data and resources, comprehensive research into the subject’s background, forensic intelligence analysis and evaluation of credibility, as well as an insight into the subject’s reputation, connections and possible conflicts.

Our intelligence team is comprised of former Intelligence Analysts and Intelligence Operators who have worked with a number of federal agencies and US Special Operations Command.

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Close Protection

Deployment of covert protective surveillance.
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Fraud Investigations

Confidential corporate investigations and intelligence.
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Private Security

Protection almost anywhere in the world.
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International intelligence and surveillance.
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