Close protection from Conflict USA

Close Protection

Conflict USA deploys covert protective surveillance in sensitive situations where the protection of a spouse and/or children is paramount. This service is often used when the visible presence of a bodyguard or protection team is not conducive to the lifestyle of the client.

Our dedicated protective surveillance team provides a constant unobtrusive security screen, remaining unseen while still ensuring peace of mind.

Our ability to tap into the global network of Conflict International offers access to a specialist team that can operate just about anywhere in the world, including some of the most hostile environments. Their high degree of skill and proficiency has been gained with decades of experience in surveillance and close protection. This service is invaluable for anyone who may be concerned about their own or their family’s security but would still like to lead a relatively normal life.

We can also can combine covert protection with other services such as vehicle tracking and counter electronic  surveillance.

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