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Background Checks

Conflict USA undertakes detailed employment background checks and reports into a subject’s employment history, lifestyle and their financial background. We can give you the true picture of a person’s employment status, their history and, if necessary, also check for adverse credit history.

Our corporate checks can also assess the integrity of company directors, as well as company profiles, financial status and any litigation currently outstanding. This up-to-date information can prove invaluable when defending hostile takeover bids or in the case of acquisitions and mergers.

When recruiting potential employees, particularly candidates for positions that require a position of trust, such in schools, hospitals, large corporations, legal and financial companies, background checks can be extremely useful.

Conflict USA can verify the history of a company or individual and provide current information into their activities. Detailed company accounts, director details, additional business interests and shareholder information can all be obtained and presented as evidence.

We can also compile pre-sue reports and vetting of potential employees. These reports can be obtained through interviewing and discreet enquiries, always compliant with legislation.

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